Carli Lloyd announces 2021 retirement

Carli Lloyd is retiring at the end of 2021.

Here is a little about Carli. She is 39 years old, 5’7, and  plays as a midfielder or forward for NJ/NY Gotham FC in the National Women's Soccer League and the United States national team. Her home state is New Jersey. She has a college degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey in Exercise Science and Sports Studies. She has written several books and memoirs, and was even named by former President Barack Obama as a member and co-chair on the President’s council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition in 2017. She is a world-renown, well respected player with 2 Olympic medals. 


Lloyd is the second-most capped player in the history of international soccer. She announced last Monday that she will finish the National Women’s Soccer League season with NJ/NY Gotham FC in her home state, as well as play in the four U.S. friendly matches. She will retire at the end of 2021. Only 4 players in history have appeared over 300 times for the United States. Lloyd has appeared 312 times., which puts her in second place to Kristine Lilly, who has a whopping 354 times in appearance. She is famous for her ability to perform under pressure and her “hat tricks” that have given her great success in her matches.

We wish Carli Lloyd all the success in the world and a happy retirement. We are confident she will go on to continue to do fantastic things. 

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